Jerome Tour

Experience the rich mining history of Jerome 

Enjoy first-class food

Relax and discover Jerome at your own pace

   Start your day off by being picked up by one of our courteous and professional drivers.

    We will travel to the beautiful town of Jerome where we will visit the Jerome Historical Museum. Here you will learn about Jerome's lucrative and deadly mining past.

   Next, we will move on to the Haunted Grand Hotel and Asylum Restaurant. Here you and your party will be treated to a lunch entree of choice and beverage of choice (no alcohol or specialty drinks) at one of Jerome's most iconic restaurants.

   And what's a better way to finish off the day than walking the streets of this iconic town with your friends and family to see all it has to offer? Explore shops, bars, wine tasting, art galleries,  historic buildings, and much more!

  $250 per person (min 2)

Price for Verde Valley pickup only


4 People for $800

    5-6 hrs